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Laura Z

Sending love to his family and friends. He was so brave, and fought so hard.


I am a better person for having met and worked with Dave. I am truly blessed to have known him. He is a legend in his own right and touched the lives of so many directly and indirectly. My deepest of sympathies to his family. A devastating loss on Earth is Heaven's gain. Sincerely, Randi

Al Morrow

Mr. Tremaine was my 4th grade teacher back in 1992. He was a fun, energetic, and dedicated educator even in his first year of teaching. As I wrap up my own first year of working in elementary education, I'm grateful to have had such an awesome role model. My thoughts are with his family and students. ~Al

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Margie Ryan

So sorry to the Tremaine family and all their friends.


I grew up with his kido as my friends and we were neighbors for a while. He was always happy and will be deeply missed by everyone he influenced in some way or another.


So sorry to hear this. Dave sounds like he was a wonderful man who lived a fulfilled life and touched so many other lives along the way. My condolences to the Tremaine family and friends.

Greg T

My wife is a teacher at Hayfield. I loved hearing her stories of what Mr. Tremaine did next at school. He lived life to the fullest and passed that on to the kids.


Wonderful and great "mans man" we loved him at Glasgow MS with that corn snake of his he used to keep in school. Growing up would not have been the same without his guidance. Hey, he definitely kept me out of trouble. Miss ya buddy.


Words never seem to be enough to convey one's sympathy, but they are all we have here...so words will have to do.

Right now is not that time, but soon...someday there will be a time when the mention of this wonderful man's name will not conjure feelings of pain and loss, but will ignite happy memories of his smile, his laughter and the light he brought to the world. That light lives on in the children of his school, his friends and loved ones. Be secure in the knowledge that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it just changes forms. Dave Tremaine's energy is still with us as it will forever be.

Also... Fuck cancer.



My deepest condolences to the Tremaine family and friends during this sad time.

Kevin Mangini

Very sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Tremaine family.


3 of my kids graduated under his term of principle at Hayfield a Secondary. They will never forget him. He passed away one day before my sons graduation, it was a very somber ceremony without him but his brother stood in his place in such a classy and awesome way. Just one day after losing his brother he gave a talk to the kids and stood on that stage and shook every kids hand as they walked across that stage as his brother would have. It was touching moment for all and shows that Jeff Tremaine is just as awesome person that Dave was. A memory the kids will always have and I just lost my sister to cancer three weeks ago and don't know if I could of been so giving. Major respect for them both and thoughts and prayers for the family.

Cathy Centra

I am a parent of two Hayfield High School students. My heart breaks for the Tremaine family, the Hayfield Secondary School community and the entire education system. He had so much to teach all of us and his time was cut too short. We are better for him having touched our lives and we owe it to him to live up to his standards. For all he gave us, we owe him at least that.

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