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Misty Tubbs

I just wanted to say to Bam...good for you for getting a grilled on life and turning you life around for the better.. because from your biggest fan..(me) I have Missed you...and just wanted to let you know I'll very proud for you!!!#onedayatatime

Misty Tubbs

I also met you in person once..when you came to mobile Alabama at the soul kitchen you and Brandon Novak came and did jackass skits...you are so awesome and down to earth...not many celebrities are that cool!!! So thank you for being so nice and normal...lol!!

John Fox

Dude thst pancreatitis is no joke, I've had it since I was 15 or 16 yrs. Old from drinking 151 rum every weekend you've got to be careful it can seriously kill u , Duff from Gen had had it to , it's not your liver it's your pancreas it can explode or form rocks in it and then your screwed I ended up in the hospital twice for a week at a time, the worst pain I've ever experienced so take care of yourse of bam your an awesome person, you can do it without being shitfaced .

Sara Riggs

You inspire me I've been partying with my friends for the last 5 years or so got on the scale bam 215 now I'm shit no more drunk runs to taco bell at 2am so I'm starting a healthy life style it might be lonely but I'll feel better


Hey bam. Hope ya get this from St. Pete's. I know last thing ya probably do not want to hear or do... But, I'm proud of you. Keep your family close, including your mum. You, your friends.. they're


I started skating 20 years a go and Bam was one of my favorites to watch! Would be cool to see the Jackass crew film something new.


Doubtful he'll read this, but it's so, so, so heartwarming to see he's on the mend toward a better place. It was hard to watch him suffer after Ryan's death. Awesome work, keep it up! <3

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